Increasing employee motivation with engaging onboarding process

  1. Curiosity: I have many things to research and think about.
  2. Honor: I am proud that my personal values ​​are reflected in the way I work.
  3. Acceptance: The people around me approve what I do and what I am.
  4. Mastery: My work challenges my competence, but it is still within my capabilities.
  5. Power: there is enough space to influence what happens around me.
  6. Freedom: I am independent of others with my work and my responsibilities.
  7. Relationship: I have good social contacts with people at my job.
  8. Order: There are enough rules and policies for a stable environment.
  9. Objective: my purpose in life is reflected in the work I do.
  10. Status: my position is good and recognized by the people who work with me.
  1. Moving motivators is very powerful tool for revealing and prioritizing someone’s intrinsic drivers
  2. The game is engaging and very reliable in terms of person’s motivators
  3. People can make self-reflection and find out some new drivers they didn’t know before or they were not aware of
  4. Whenever some change happens, motivators move and change priority
  5. It’s OK to share them with the team, so everyone knows what are everyone's drivers and what are demotivators
  6. It builds deep relationships between people with similar motivators
  7. You can easily align corporate values with personal motivators
  1. I’ll first ask the candidate to play the game and later will share with him our corporate values, beliefs and principles
  2. I’ll test the game in the final stage of recruitment process, during selection interview, before choosing the candidate and starting the onboarding
  3. I’ll test the game with several newcomers and try to build team bonding
  4. Before playing the game with newcomers, I will play with my team to see if something has changed due to Covid-19 situation
  5. I’ll connect this game with the personal maps of our team members



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Ilija Popjanev

Ilija Popjanev

Enthusiastic thinker, agile practitioner who wants to leave some legacy in the ever changing world.